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MARINÁ – a brand by fashion designer Marina Žiaková based in Slovakia. MARINÁ offers minimalistic design, experimental shapes, variability, and comfort. Her garments can be mixed and combined with each other. Her original designs are characterised by playfulness and colorfulness. The designer communicates with the wearers and allows them to find their own way of wearing each garment, exemplified by the unique UFOdress. This design can be worn in roughly 50 different ways, as a dress, pants, or as a skirt. MARINÁ offers clothing made from natural materials like cotton, wool, and silk. Collection Unlimited presents different pieces of clothing, centering on the trademarked UFOdress. Collection Unlimited is inspired by the lifelong work of Július Koller, a Slovak conceptual artist. UFOdress is ethical and sustainable because it is minimalistic and adjustable. This one piece of clothing can serve as a capsule wardrobe and be worn regardless of age. UFOdress, which will be presented in different variations, replaces unnecessary clothes shopping. UFOdress is a garment intended both for casual wear and for social events.

Fashion Show: 12.09.2020

Designer: MARINÁ

Make-Up: Accademiadelmakeup

Pictures Credit © RomanStrazanec

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